Definition of 'Agile Culture'

How to cite: Graffius, Scott M. (2020). Definition of Agile Culture. Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.13140/RG.2.2.11170.35521.

Scott M. Graffius established the following definition of agile culture.

“Culture is defined as the set of shared attitudes, values, and practices that characterizes a group or organization. An organization has an agile culture when its environment is inclusive of attitudes, values, and practices which enables it — and its teams and individuals — to manifest being adaptive, flexible, and responsive to complexity, uncertainty, and change.” — Scott M. Graffius


About Scott M. Graffius


Scott M. Graffius, PMP, CSP-SM, CSP-PO, CSM, CSPO, ITIL, LSSGB is an agile project management consultant, practitioner, award-winning author, and keynote speaker. Content from his books, speaking engagements, and more has been used by businesses, governments, and universities, including: Gartner, Oracle, Cisco, Ford, Qantas, Atlassian, Bayer, the National Academy of Sciences, the United States Department of Energy, the New Zealand Ministry of Education, Tufts University, Texas A&M, and others. Thinkers360 named Scott a Top 20 Global Thought Leader and Influencer on Agile. His full-length bio is available at:

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