Program Management Improvement Accountability Act (PMIAA)

10 Key Changes to Government Project Management from the Program Management Improvement Accountability Act (PMIAA)


If you are involved or interested in government project or program management activities, here's an overview of the
Program Management Improvement Accountability Act (PMIAA) which was passed into law by the US Federal Government in 2016. There are 10 key points.

This law established requirements for the Office of Management and Budget to:

1. Adopt and oversee implementation of government-wide standards, policies, and guidelines for project and program management; 
2. Chair the Program Management Policy Council;
3. Establish standards and policies for executive agencies consistent with widely accepted standards for project and program management planning and delivery; 
4. Engage with the private sector to identify best practices in project and program management that would improve federal project and program management; 
5. Conduct portfolio reviews to address programs identified as high risk;
6. Conduct portfolio reviews of agency programs at least annually to assess the quality and effectiveness of program management; and 
7. Establish a five-year strategic plan for project and program management.

The law specifies that the Office of Personnel Management must issue regulations that:

8. Identify key skills and competencies needed for an agency program and project manager;
9. Establish a new job series or update and improve an existing job series for program and project management; and
10. Establish a new career path for program and project managers.

Additionally, within three years of enactment, the General Accounting Office must issue a report examining the effectiveness of the following on improving federal project and program management: the standards, policies, and guidelines for project and program management; the strategic plan; Program Management Improvement Officers; and the Program Management Policy Council.


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